Whiplash 24″ x 48″ Acrylic on Canvas



24″ x 48″
Acrylic on Canvas

We were so beautiful, you and I, who we were when we were together. We could never pick a direction, we didn’t have to. We were just going where the wind called us to be. We were happy, oh but I was miserable. When I was with you, everything was okay but the moment I stepped away everything fell apart inside me. There was this lack of trust and the desperate need for balance and they were all encompassing.

I look back at it all the time and find the things I did wrong, identify what I would redo if I ever had the chance to not break the most precious thing I ever had. I was surrounded by darkness. It was all inside me, the negative and the bad, and I let it all out on you. I drowned you in my own miseries. How I wish I could go back, oh how I wish I could go back.

I think it’s time to stop looking back because this heart of mine can’t take this self abuse anymore. You’re gone and I’m still recovering but why must I insist to returning to the scene of the crime all the time? There’s no use anymore, it only hurts me. It’s a poison deep down inside, the anger, the hurt, the confusion. My neck might break next time from the whiplash I get every time I look back.

Released: December 14 2015

~L’ren Knorr

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