Spirit Calling October 18 2015, Sunday

October 18 2015, Sunday

Spirit Calling

I’m growing as a person, this spirit inside me is bursting forth at the seams
I am ready for a new body, one that I love and care for
This spirit wants a happy home to reside in, one that is adored and treated as precious
One that is well hydrated and planted in good soil, the one that promotes growth
Inner and outer, this spirit wants to call this being its own and be rooted in its truth


I want this spirit to know that this body is one that is changing
For good lasting results, change takes time
So please, oh spirit, please be patient with this body as it loves and cares for itself
This isn’t going to be easy or right away but I will be actively growing
Just like the plants I’ve cared for in my garden
This body is the garden, the spirit the flowers
It will take time to get the garden where fruitful growth will take place
I must uproot the weeds, I must toil the soil, saturate it with truth
I must keep the bugs out without harming myself
I must be watered, planted, and shone the sunlight
But spirit, know that I will be a well loved garden one day soon
This is I know for there already are flowers growing within me
Be patient, dear spirit, I will be ready just as you are one day soon.

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