Makes My World Go Round 18″ x 24″ Acrylic on Canvas




Makes My World Go Round
18″ x 24″
Acrylic on Canvas
This piece was inspired by a conversation I had the other day with a new friend. He aksed me, “What inspires your paintings?”
“Well for the most part what I paint is emotion driven. I don’t see the world like most people, at least I don’t think I do. I see colors when I hear music so that’s a big inspiration for me. It’s a lot like writing, taking something from inside myself whether it’s from my heart, spirit, or mind and then materializing in a conceptual fashion with shape and color. Making something intangible relatable in a way others can interpret for themselves. That sounds confusing but like I said, mostly emotion driven. I feel things intensely and the only way I can express what’s inside is with paint. Its the only thing I want to do. It’s all I think about really, if I’m not painting I want to be. If I can’t be painting, I’m feeding off the world and people for ideas and inspiration.”

Simply put, painting is what makes my world go round.

Released: October 8, 2015

~L’ren Knorr

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