Drifting – 16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas


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Drifting – 16″ x 20″

The past few weeks I feel like I’ve been drifting through my life. Slowly losing my friends, the ones I swore would always be my family, slowly losing my motivation and desire to make art. Drifting from day to day, waking and aching. Crying myself until I fall asleep. Endless amounts of ¬†unfinished business that I will always have to live with. Unanswered questions. Unanswered prayers. Falling and falling into an abyss within myself.

Drifting until the day where I can see the sunshine again and see colors for what they are and what they could be. I will drift until my feet find the ground again.

~L’ren Knorr

Released April 24, 2015

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