October 12 2015 Crossroads

October 12 2015, Monday


God took to me the crossroads yesterday
Sat me down and asked me to pray
For my plans on where I should go and which path to blaze
I stared to the right and thought it could be right
I stared to the left and let out a long sigh
What am I left with if I go down to the left
What am I going to do if I let go and head right
Is it possible to really let you go and set out for my own show

I am more me than ever before
How could I let go of that and go left
What would happen if I truly let you be
And set myself free from misery


I had to take myself to the cross roads because God said it’s time to decide
Are you going to trust my plan and give it to me
or are you going to keep going with what’s not working by going your own way
Listen to the truth it comes at you in waves, darling
Hear the rush over flow your desire and lead you to a land of peace
Take my hand and trust me with this plan
I will show you everything that you can do
Everything I have planned for you
Are you going to sit at these cross roads and stare forever
Or are you going to find your feet and take the next step with Me?
Will you trust me and let go of the past?
Will you not look at this as quitting but choosing a different destiny?
Please, please, dear child I am begging you to take my hand

I have you little one, trust this big plan
You will have everything you want and more but you must TRUST
Trust with your heart, mind, with that shining soul of yours
Are you ready?

Are you ready?
To let go and go right.

I found my feet and let out my last cry
desperation, fear, anguish, every shame I cried it all out.
No more tears for what I left on the left.
I took His hand and dear God, I went to the right.

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