Blind Faith 18″ x 18″ Acrylic on Canvas



“Blind Faith” 18″ x 18″ Acrylic on Canvas

Yesterday I had a visual scare, having lost a good chunk of my sight for about an hour (right before a mega migraine came and kicked my butt). It terrified me. My biggest fear in life is losing my eye sight, something that’s been a real possibility since I was a kid. I remember being told that by age 25 I would be blind if my eyes kept degenerating at the rate that they were when I was 7. So when I had this near immediate vision loss in the middle of my normal day, I was shaken to the core.

Giving your heart, your worries, fears, and trepidiations to God is an act of blind faith. Even during the most soul crushing moments, the ones that bring the worst out in us, those moments where fear takes control, those are the moments to follow God even you’re just holding onto a single string of hope. He’s got you. Even if things do turn for the worse (because this world’s a wicked place) He will still carry you through it and help you grow from what ever trouble life has thrown in your path.

Released: June 24, 2015

~L’ren Knorr


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