October 13 2015 – Answers

Tuesday Oct 13 2015

God you work in mysterious ways, you constantly leave me in wonder
What you have brought into my life this evening was more than I ever imagined
You brought me a friend, insight, a new way to begin
You told me where to go, leading me by the hand down the path of Your precious plan
I asked, I pleaded, I cried out to you so many of my lonely nights
That stacked together like playing cards but all on their own in fright
Not 52 but 200 single nights, lonesome days all scattered around my empty heart
You answered my prayers and brought me out of the dark
You shined Your light through her bright soul and said “Here you go”

Lord let me thank you and praise Your most Holy of names
You are the Giver of great things, the one of the good
You are my rock and I know you will always take care of me
Shield, protect, honor, and bare all for me if I stay the most faithful to You
My soul was a sorry home and I couldn’t take it anymore
You sent me an angel in disguise, one with a tongue and delight, honest surprise

She told me of your ways and showed me The Way
Lord, I am a follower for there is a distinct difference between a believer and
A follower of action, a liver of the truth, a trail blazer of hope
I trust these words you have sent, this seed you have planted
I shall water and grow, let Your never ending light show
I will see where you lead and what the next step is for me

Tonight I thank you. Tonight I am at peace.

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