About L’ren Studios

L'ren Knorr
L’ren Knorr is the name, paint is this woman’s game. L’ren picked up the brush on 11.19.13 and she hasn’t put it down since. As a diagnosed BiPolar, not much in this world has made her consistently happy, let alone gave her the desire to stay alive. Once God brought L’ren to art, the thought of leaving the earth before the world knew she was alive was no longer a possibility.

L’ren wants to create beautiful things, inspiring images, thought provoking ideas, and an overall joy for the art form that is painting.
Her goal is to bring a union between the real world and abstract concepts through abstract art.

L're KnorrL’ren Knorr’s studio motto is “Waste Nothing”. If you want to know how she achieves this, stay tuned into her art. She shall show you.

L’ren’s life, career, and passion is based on Matthew 5:16; “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

Everything she does is for the glory of God. As L’ren says “Praise Him, not me.  I am merely His servant, creating with hands that have been blessed and are guided by the Holy Spirit. I’m not good with words, testimony, or praise but I L'ren Knorrwill take these two hands and create things that I pray just might reach the eyes of a soul that needs to hear and see God’s truth.”

L’ren Studios is Currently based in Mt. Dora, FL